Thanks For Coming!

More than 90 attendees for “How Fascism Works”


On Tuesday, February 5th, more than 92 participants attended a presentation by Dr. Dale Anderson sponsored by Sarasota Stands Together (SST) held at the Selby Library entitled “How Fascism Works.” The presentation was followed by a lively  discussion about the vulnerablility of our democracy to a non violent takeover. Opportunities for networking abounded and refreshments were enjoyed by all.

SST would like to thank all who attended for your participation and generous donations. Please join us on March 5, 2019, 6PM-7:30PM at Selby Library for Part II of Dr Anderson’s presentation which will focus on what we can do as citizens to protect ourselves and our democracy.

Many who attended wanted copies of the presentation. We hope to be able to link to it here in the near future, but you can obtain a copy right now from Dr. Anderson by requesting it from him at 

Check back soon to our “Recommended Reading” section for a list of suggested books relating to this topic.