Sarasota Stands Together

An Indivisible group working to protect democracy

Representing Florida’s 16th and 17th Congressional Districts

             Our Mission:

To create a networked community of empowered, action-oriented individuals who work to protect the well being of all citizens and who support the election of candidates that defend human rights and our democracy.

SST Meeting dates 2019-2020

Tues. 1/14/20   Tues. 2/11/20   Tues. 3/10/20

Our 2018-19 season featured speakers on diverse topics such as environmental justice and the vulnerablility of the USA to fascism. We hope to continue the conversation with your participation! Meetings are at The Selby Library, 1331 1st Av, Sarasota, FL, 34236 from 6:00-7:30 PM.                                                      Come early for refreshments and networking!











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Norma’s Corner

In another age, exposure of foreign interference in a U.S. election would have brought Republicans and Democrats together to develop a strong response. This President has not only not acknowledged Russian involvement, he is investigating and endangering our intelligence services for investigating Russian involvement in the 2016 election. In 2018, the White House eliminated the position of cybersecurity coordinator on the National Security Council.  So far there's been little action in Congress to secure the 2020 election. The Senate Judiciary Committee has passed two bills addressing election security but Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has refused to bring them up for a vote, nor has he allowed consideration of HR 1, For The People Act of 2019, the Democrats' major anti-corruption bill that includes addressing issues of election security, voting rights, money in politics, etc.

More targeting of vulnerable groups: the Denial of Care Rule was finalized by President Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services. The Center for Reproductive Rights charged that this discriminatory rule invites health care workers to impose their personal religious or moral beliefs on patients, giving them the unmitigated power to decide who receives care and who doesn't. There are no limits on what constitutes a religious or moral denial, and it does not need to be a doctor who objects - it could be a hospital receptionist or an orderly booking an operating room. Under the guise of “freedom of religion”, this rule allows government-sanctioned discrimination, particularly affecting gay and transgender people, but also women and abortions. Several organizations are bringing suit. “The Denial of Care Rule is only the latest example of the Trump administration’s efforts to sanction discrimination in the name of religion against all of us in every facet of our lives. The list of those now at risk includes women, LGBTQ people, children in foster care and prospective parents, public schoolchildren, any patient, immigrants, religious minorities, the nonreligious – and all of us who cherish our country’s commitment to true religious freedom for all.” (Americans United, May 31)


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Why the impeachment fight is even scarier than you think

(Yes it can happen here)










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Contact Information



Senator Marco Rubio - 202/224-3041 or Tallahassee office: 866-630-7106

Senator Rick Scott - 202-224-5274

Rep. Vern Buchanan – 202-225-5015 (note corrected number) or Sarasota office: 941-951-6643)

Plymouth Harbor is in U.S.House District 16

The White House comment line – 202-456-1111

To reach a member of Congress representing another state, Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121 (especially if you own property or summer in another state).

To email a legislator – type in the name in Google or whatever search you use and click on contact or email.

For other US government information: 1-800-833-4636

State of Florida

Governor Ron DeSantis – 850-717-9337; email:

Senator Joe Gruters – 850-487-5023 or 941-378-6309; email:

Rep. Will Robinson – 850-717-5071 or 941-708-4968

Plymouth Harbor is in Florida Senate District 23 and House District 71

To email Rep. Robinson or to reach any legislator, committee or Department:

Senate President – Bill Galvano – 850-487-5833; House Speaker – Jose Oliva – 850-717-5110.

Note: ALL positions listed above are held by Republicans.

Florida House Minority Leader is Kionne McGhee, 850-717-5117.

Senate Minority Leader is Audrey Gibson, 850-487-5833.

Sarasota County Commission

District 1-Michael Moran; District 2 – Christian Ziegler; District 3 – Nancy Detert; District 4 – Alan Maio; District 5 – Charles Hines (Chair). (All positions held by Republicans).

Sarasota City Council

Mayor Liz Alpert – 941-954-4115; email:

Other members are Jan Ahern-Koch, Hagen Brody, Shelli Freelan Eddie and Willie Shaw.

Sarasota School Board

District 1 – Bridget Ziegler; District 2 – Caroline Zucker; District 3 – Eric Robinson; District 4 Shirley Brown; District 5 – Jane Goodwin (Chair). Information call center: 941-027-9000.

Some useful numbers

Supervisor of Elections: Ron Turner. For voting information: 941-861-8600.

Sarasota County Democratic Party Headquarters:

Sarasota Democratic Club:

Longboat Key Democratic Club: