Sarasota Stands Together

An Indivisible group working to protect democracy

Representing Florida’s 16th and 17th Congressional Districts

             Our Mission:

To create a networked community of empowered, action-oriented individuals who work to protect the well being of all citizens and who support the election of candidates that defend human rights and our democracy.


Thanks to Barry Zack for a hugely informative presentation on climate change. One of our focus areas has always been environmental justice, so we are grateful to him for creating the website: where we can keep up with the latest news and strategies to keep our planet healthy. Check it out!

Our next meeting will be May 7, 2019 at Selby Library 6-7:30 PM. This meeting will be held in the conference room on the second floor instead of the larger auditorium. A more intimate conversation is envisioned which will celebrate the achievements of the Indivisible movements and our plans going forward.  Come with ideas for speakers next season. Join the conversation!

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Norma’s Corner

April, 2019

If you have a phone or a computer, now is the time to let your legislators hear from you if you are troubled by any of these proposals being considered IN THE FLORIDA LEGISLATURE.

Did you vote for Amendment 4 in the last election – to return to ex-felons (with certain exceptions) the right to vote after completing their prison terms? The Republican-controlled legislature is now sabotaging that popular amendment by adding requirements to “completion” such as any fees, court costs, restitution (Money-lender lobbyists support these add-ons and Rs would like less D voters).

Florida has four scholarship programs that provide for more than 140,000 students to attend private and religious schools, funded by tax credits at a cost to the state.  Now the proposed Family Empowerment Scholarship would use general revenue funds directly to add 15,000 students in the first year, eligibility based on income for a family of four ($68k Senate bill, $69k DeSantis, $98k House bill) – no longer based on poverty. In addition to the question of using public funds for private and faith-based education, other objections include that not all private schools meet the same school building codes, that private and religious schools do not have the same teacher certification, student assessment or curriculum requirements.

The sex and science censors ride again. The Florida Citizens Alliance is again trying to tell the schools what novels and text books they can use. The latest effort is House Bill 855 / Senate Bill 1454. Last year the Florida legislature passed a bill that allowed any resident, not just parents, to object to teaching materials. Now, according to The Tampa Bay Times the groups wants to ban nearly 100 books including “Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye, Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange and Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes to textbooks, including Harcourt Publishing’s Modern World History 9th Grade and Pearson’s Essentials of Oceanography” and further interfere with professional educators' decisions.

Again bills arming classroom teachers are moving toward a vote.


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Our 2019 Meetings
Tuesdays from 6:00 to 7:30 PM
March 5, April 2, May 7 at Selby Library

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Contact Information



Senator Marco Rubio - 202/224-3041 or Tallahassee office: 866-630-7106

Senator Rick Scott - 202-224-5274

Rep. Vern Buchanan – 202-225-5015 (note corrected number) or Sarasota office: 941-951-6643)

Plymouth Harbor is in U.S.House District 16

The White House comment line – 202-456-1111

To reach a member of Congress representing another state, Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121 (especially if you own property or summer in another state).

To email a legislator – type in the name in Google or whatever search you use and click on contact or email.

For other US government information: 1-800-833-4636

State of Florida

Governor Ron DeSantis – 850-717-9337; email:

Senator Joe Gruters – 850-487-5023 or 941-378-6309; email:

Rep. Will Robinson – 850-717-5071 or 941-708-4968

Plymouth Harbor is in Florida Senate District 23 and House District 71

To email Rep. Robinson or to reach any legislator, committee or Department:

Senate President – Bill Galvano – 850-487-5833; House Speaker – Jose Oliva – 850-717-5110.

Note: ALL positions listed above are held by Republicans.

Florida House Minority Leader is Kionne McGhee, 850-717-5117.

Senate Minority Leader is Audrey Gibson, 850-487-5833.

Sarasota County Commission

District 1-Michael Moran; District 2 – Christian Ziegler; District 3 – Nancy Detert; District 4 – Alan Maio; District 5 – Charles Hines (Chair). (All positions held by Republicans).

Sarasota City Council

Mayor Liz Alpert – 941-954-4115; email:

Other members are Jan Ahern-Koch, Hagen Brody, Shelli Freelan Eddie and Willie Shaw.

Sarasota School Board

District 1 – Bridget Ziegler; District 2 – Caroline Zucker; District 3 – Eric Robinson; District 4 Shirley Brown; District 5 – Jane Goodwin (Chair). Information call center: 941-027-9000.

Some useful numbers

Supervisor of Elections: Ron Turner. For voting information: 941-861-8600.

Sarasota County Democratic Party Headquarters:

Sarasota Democratic Club:

Longboat Key Democratic Club: